Swim with me in the Super-Sargasso Sea


First of all, thank you for stopping by. You are either here because you like me or because you are interested in the paranormal. I greatly appreciate both of those sentiments. Or maybe you are stalking me, which I appreciate even more! How flattering!

I don’t have a whole lot to share today that hasn’t been stated in my Home and About pages, so feel free to peruse those at your leisure. But I did want to start this thing out with a little bit of fun and a light intro to what you can expect from this here lil’ blog.

If you are here as a fellow paranormal enthusiast, you have more than likely heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but you may not have heard of the Super-Sargasso Sea. The real Sargasso Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean next to the Bermuda Triangle. Charles Fort (who will be a regular feature here) coined the Super-Sargasso term. He claimed that when things or people get lost, that’s where they all end up. So, it’s a plane of existence where Amelia Earhardt is living happily with thousands of lost dogs and billions of mate-less socks.

I haven’t studied physics much, so the amount of hard scientific evidence I can offer on the topic of alternate dimensions is somewhat limited. However, I do expect that some of my future paranormal endeavors will involve strange disappearances and things of that nature. In any case, I’m ready to dive into the Sargasso and whatever other weird phenomena I stumble upon!

My first couple of posts will be book reviews. First on the docket is Mysterious America by Loren Coleman, followed by The Book of the Damned by Charles Fort, a forefather of paranormal investigating. In a month or two, you can expect to find more travel blog type posts as I venture to haunted cemeteries and battlegrounds, and sites of cryptozoological appearances (to name a few possibilities). I live in Lincoln, NE, so most of my trips will be in, about, and around America’s (surprisingly paranormally active) heartland, but I may splurge on a long road trip here and there for really well-known national sites.

The first thing you can expect from this blog is fun. That said, I have a deep appreciation for and fascination with folklore, and I will always be respectful towards the stories, authors, books, and interviewees I talk about. This blog will not be my attempt to prove or debunk any phenomena, either. I will always be honest about what I see and experience and I will always keep an open mind.

Ghost ships, UFOs, Bigfoot, devils (both Jersey and otherwise), the Super-Sargasso Sea… Let’s go for a swim, shall we?